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How to get your car on "Pimp My Ride"

05/23/05 | by silverso | Categories: Deep Thoughts

I don't know why, but for months now people have been asking me to "pimp their rides". No matter how often I insist that I'm not Xzibit, and have neither the means nor desire to help them I still keep getting sob stories about cars that really need to be pimped. Well, I did a little research and found out exactly how to get your ride pimped, so listen up morons 'cause I'm not gonna tell you again:

Wanna Pimp Out Your Ride?

Does your car need some major work?
Are you embarrassed to pick up your date because of your ride?

Scared to roll up to that job interview because of your bucket?

Fear no more - MTV wants to give you the hottest car on the block. We're gonna take that hooptie and pimp it out. And we ain't just talkin a paint job either. We'll hook you up with the hottest ride on the street with all the hot accessories.

If you are between the ages of 18-22, own your ride and live in the Southern California area, give us a holler at 310.907.2688 or send an email to pmrcasting @ mtvstaff.com.

If you do NOT live in Southern California please email pmrusa @ mtvstaff.com only.



Street Address, City, State, Zip

Phone #'s (Home, Cell)
Email Address

Description of what is wrong with your car (we are looking for body damage and interior damage)
Picture of the crappy car and its owner (Be it you or your friend)

THERE! Now if that doesn't do the trick, I don't know what will. Maybe instead of asking someone to fix your car for you, you should try your hand at online poker and try to win enough cash for a new car!



Comment from: Xzibit

Playa please. Y’all, quit sendin’ y’alls mail to this wannabe. You want your ride pimped? Get a job.

out. Xzibit

05/24/05 @ 10:04
Comment from: Hugh

As much as I’d like to believe your theory of people just being dumb and think that this is the official pimp my ride site, I just don’t buy it. They obviously aren’t reading your replies and probably don’t even come to your site. What commenting system is this based on? Maybe someone has found a way to exploit it and is playing a practical joke? I dunno… anyways good luck finding out the cause.

05/24/05 @ 10:22
Comment from:

are you sure you’re not Xzibit? I mean, are you sure??

05/24/05 @ 10:34
Comment from: silverso

Obviously they aren’t reading the replies, and I’ve already received another car pimping request! I do think they are coming to this site though. There’s nothing in the referal stats to indicate otherwise, and there are lots of hits coming from Google that include “pimp my ride” in the key words. The biggest reason I think these people are all morons (other than the fact that the English they use in their comments is often worse than that of my Japanese students) is that most of these people have AOL email addresses. They probably are used to AOL’s simple keyword system where the first thing that comes up is always what they are looking for, so this MUST be the official Pimp My Ride website.

05/24/05 @ 12:36
Comment from: repatriated

“The biggest reason I think these people are all morons (other than the fact that the English they use in their comments is often worse than that of my Japanese students)”

Sure doesn’t say much for your teaching skill.

05/24/05 @ 13:52
Comment from: silverso

I’m only an “assistant” teacher, so I think the blame for that lies more on their Japanese teachers, Japanese society and everyone other than myself.

05/24/05 @ 14:09
Comment from: jenny

damn. I’m now too old to have my ride pimped.

05/25/05 @ 07:08
Comment from: silverso

MTV only pimps the rides of the youngest, and finest hoties they can find. I’m sure Rodney could pimp it for you using his amazing science skillz.

05/25/05 @ 17:24
Comment from: rod salmon
rod salmon

i would like my car pimped out it is a lincoln town car and it really needs some work done to it,

05/26/05 @ 08:05
Comment from: Cherry

Damn Lmaooooooooo I wanted my ride pimped too!! and Im to old too..and this is for jamie..errmmm im 40 and damn sexy , and Im cool too!!! all my kids friends say u have the coolest mom she’s the bomb!! and Jamie what u are bitchen about it bring visitors 2 your page,,making rank higher in the search engines, lol and the reason why people are getting to your website is because of the key words your using,,hmmm im blonde and I even figured out that one!..and if you were real bright u would take this chance 2 make a real web business out all this traffic lol yes I know im a smartass lol

05/28/05 @ 15:56
Comment from: Snoop Dogg
Snoop Dogg

Yo! check this, Xzibit ain’t shit! That nigga’ got the smallest motha’fuckin’ hands around. And from the hoes be tellin’ his cock ain’t far from the size of his hands!

Damn! Nigga! This ain’t cool nigga!

And yo, man, redhead from avoidinglife.com, you need to diet mah man! D-I-E-T!!!

out! Dogg

05/28/05 @ 16:48
Sharon a.k.a Lil Sha,Sha

I do need my ride pimped out, so if you can do me this favor I will be very happy. I am an expecting mother and right now money is very tight, so I can’t get my car fixed like I want it right now. So can you help me do so.

05/30/05 @ 05:16
Kim Davis

I,m 31 years old i have diabeties. I have two little grils age 7 and 6
they have a.d.h.d. please help me
All my extra money goes for med,s for my childen and me so i can,t fix my car the way i would love to.

I drive a 1981 ford escort. the body is all rusted. there is a hole in my floor. the is being held together with tape. on the left side the ball joint and arm are going. the handle on the drivers side is broken. all the doors stick.The trunk is all rusted out.
The seat belt on the passinger side is broken. there is no shoulder strips in back.

05/30/05 @ 15:04
Comment from: silverso

31? Sorry but it looks like MTV is only interested in helping hoties between 18-22 years of age.

05/30/05 @ 15:49
Comment from: mychel-le jones
mychel-le   jones

xzibit, i have a son who really deserves something nice, he has a 1987 cutlass supreame, its real nice just needs your touch. i’m willing to help him . can you please write me back . i’m in akron ohio

06/06/05 @ 13:30


06/09/05 @ 12:47
rosalyn ford

Dear pimp my ride. why your cast won.t come to memphis? is it because it.s to many funked up rides. well i.m here to tell you that you.re right. i watch your show all the time.I JUST HAVE ONE wish and that is to get my ford f150 truck up to a cool style for once in a life time. I.m 48 yrs old and i have this dream to pimp my ride but i can.t do it without you.Also my daughterin law has this1977 dotson s80 zx turbo 6 cycle and the interior is so rusted u can.t teel if it works but it do runs goodwe need your HELP HELP HELP PLEASE PLEASE

06/09/05 @ 13:56
Comment from: chloe hamilton
chloe hamilton


06/10/05 @ 03:27
Comment from: B Man
B Man

HOLY SHIT PEOPLE! He isn’t Xzibit!

He’s not cool enough.

06/10/05 @ 10:17
Comment from: silverso

Fuck you B Man! Xzibit is a tool of corporate America, and he has a sissy school girl’s laugh. You ever watch Pimp My Ride? I have students that are more gangsta than that guy. I’m way cooler than X or any other B-grade, Dr. Dre hanger-on hip-hop “stars".

Sorry for the dirty language mom and dad, but I can’t be havin’ no punk ass bitches dissin’ me on my own blog, now can I?

06/10/05 @ 17:18
Comment from:

yo,xzibit you @#!%&$

06/11/05 @ 12:06
Comment from: B Man
B Man

I was expecting something like that…

My apologies… Was only a joke…

06/11/05 @ 13:45
Comment from: silverso

It’s ai’ght B Man. We cool my brotha.

06/12/05 @ 10:41
Comment from: Sanchez/Vince

Well i have a 57chevy belair 4door hardtop.My car needs to a paint job and interior work done.The trunk of of my car is rusted out and has a hole and you can see the gas tank. Also my floorboard has hole but i put a coffe can on top so that the water does not come in.I do have a jod but it hard with four kids and my wife stay home.I am the only one that is working at this time.My windows are broken and have clear tape at this time.I dont have digital camera so i can not send you a picture of my car. Thanks for listening to my situation at this time.

vincent sanchez

06/13/05 @ 07:01
Comment from: Fuck

fuck pimp my ride…they are after all the bullshit there momma’s never told them…yeah i am steve austin and i said so…so get the hell out of here and work and earn yourselves $$$ to get your butts off the floor!…and the couch!!!!fadfasdfasdfjasl;dfkjasdl;fj asdl;kfjasd; lfkjasd;l fjkasd;lfkj as;dlfkj as;ldkfjas; dlkfjas;ld fkjas;dlfj a;sdfljk ;asdkljf ;asdkfj a;sdkfjas;ldkfj as;dlkfj asl;dkfj as;dklfjas ;ldkjfasd

06/13/05 @ 09:47
Comment from:

u’r a asshole xzibt u mutha fuckin bitch

06/15/05 @ 01:36
Comment from:

ya he is a bitch

06/15/05 @ 01:38
Comment from:

every body thinks u’r an assssshole xzibit

06/15/05 @ 01:41

Dear Pimp My Ride,
I really need you to please pimp my grandma’s car out. It is really old!!! She loves this car, but we have barely no money to pimp it out ourselves; my father is on kidney failure. We really need your services, if you could please pimp out my grandma’s car. It has no cover for the roof of the car; oh and I don’t have a digital camera because we are BROKE! We have enough to get through, but not for luxury. We also have a truck, that is a very nice truck, and the only thing that is wrong is the floor board. The carpet comes off. I would like if you could pimp out them 2 cars. PLEASE! have a heart for me.

06/15/05 @ 10:20
Comment from: silverso


06/15/05 @ 13:59
Comment from: William Jackson
William Jackson

hello, my name is william jackson and my car is really jacked up. I need my car pimped really bad. My carpet needs to be clean really really bad you just don’t know and i think my engine is bad but i think the timer needs to be change but i need a new paint. Plus it has rust stained on the outside so my. plus the handle is broke on the driver door. Plus it needs new seat because the seats are lose and it is ugly so please pimp my ride. But i don’t live in your area so if you would call me at (225)-778-0649 please we need you all help really really bad thank you and i hope i get pick because i will be getting all the honeys you know what i am saying!

06/17/05 @ 14:47
Comment from: Someone Who Could Care Less
Someone Who Could Care Less

What a mess.

06/18/05 @ 06:55
Comment from: Someone Who Could Care Less
Someone Who Could Care Less

Does anyone know a good English/Writing teacher? Someone should really help these people with the proper usage and terminologies. “Ya’ll peace out ‘aight” –Get an education, then you might get a job, then you might have enough money to “pimp a ride” yourself.—

06/18/05 @ 06:58
Comment from: Fidds

Xzibit. Cum 2 england & PIMP my ride. My ride is mk2 Golf, nice & quick just neeeeeeeds the looks!!!

06/18/05 @ 21:19
Comment from: melissa williams-glaze
melissa williams-glaze

please oh please help me my brother is on his way to college and he needs help. He is very smart and wants to start his own magazine,so I figure that with the car bieng pimped,might just set him on his way to get acieve whatever he wants in life.. Thanks

06/19/05 @ 14:42
isabelle detoye

my car is 87 buick lesabre 4 door 2 of the doors dont open the front passgner door dont open and even the back passgner door dont open the horn dont work when the windows are down my daugter climbs in the front passgner window to sit in front my mom is usng my email address……. mtv please pimp my ride

06/21/05 @ 10:13
Comment from:

pimp my ride

06/24/05 @ 09:27
Comment from: celina rodriguez
celina rodriguez

I would love for you guys to pimp my brother Eriks truck we would love to suprise him when he comes home on christmas Erik is in the army and my family would love to fixe it but my father is the only one working i miss my brother very much and i would love for you guy’ to please make my brother’s whish come truth GOD BLESS ALL OF YOU GUY’S thank you andy oropeza

06/24/05 @ 11:54
Comment from: anthony

i need my ride pimp bad its garbage and the sits are riping and the windows are shot from a drive bye and i live in the hood for a while so mtv please pimp my ride

06/24/05 @ 12:29
Comment from: Lil'Sammie

fucking i hates joke man

06/26/05 @ 13:09
Comment from: Cierra

Xzibit,Have ya’ll ever pimped somebody car then found out it was not their car and it was somebody else’s car? well other than that, I love your show!!!!

06/27/05 @ 05:41
Comment from: chanterie

xzibit, every time you come to somebody’s house, you be touching they car and it comes off like the thing that is on the front of the car on the last epsoide when you got to the place and got out you said holly smokes and ya’ll be fixing them cars they be looking tight.

06/27/05 @ 05:54
Comment from: stiffy

Yo, x to the z. Your show rocks and I love it. I got alot of your cd’s. HOLLA! They rock to. Hey keep up the good work on pimpin out those cars. peace out.holla

06/27/05 @ 07:22
Comment from: Ian

Why do you have to be between the ages of 18 and 22?

06/27/05 @ 10:07
Comment from: Syretta

Pimp my ride has been on my mind every since I watched you guy,s just do what you do tommorow,s my birthday and I’m feeling blue my ride is crazy but I live in philly.I would love to be apart of your promotion,if you ever decide to pimp a ride for a single mother of 3 holla at me .

06/28/05 @ 07:57
Antonio Smith

To Xzibit:I really need my ride to be pimped.I have a 87 Oldmobile.My car paint peels,my bumper is bent and,the seats are broken,the sunroof is jamed.Please come to pimp my ride.

06/29/05 @ 12:28
Comment from: Aubrey

My name is Aubrey and my boyfriends name is David. He owns a 1984 z28 Camero that was given to him by his father. At one time it was a nice car but now..The t-tops are rusted and leaking, seats are full of mildew, interior is dry rotted and ripped, spoiler on trunk is 1/2 gone, hood is bent due to brake failure and wreck, motor smokes really bad, takes 20 to 30 minutes to get it started, and needs a full paint job because it is all different colors. He loves his car more than anything and I am embarressed to be seen in it. He really wants it to be running but doesnt have enough money to pimp it out. He works full time but still can not afford everything that this car needs. I think If this car was pimped it would it would be one of america’s greatest sport cars on the streets. PLEASE COME PIMP OUT HIS CAR, IT WOULD MEAN THE WORLD TO HIM!! and then I would ride in it! Thank you

06/30/05 @ 00:34
Comment from: Aubrey

I wrote about my boyfriends 1984 z28 camero the passenger side door doesnt open because the handle is broken off, which means i have to climb over, the driver window doesnt roll down so a channel lock is hooked to it to roll it down, the car stinks due to mildew and i hate riding in it…please pimp out his ride. my email adress in aubizsexy69@aol.com and his email is nookdog25@aol.com If you seen this car, you would love to pimp it out it would be a fine ass camero with a little or a lotta work. I think ya’ll would really enjoy pimpin this ride. But i do not live in southern cali. I live in New Orleans Louisiana so my phone number is 504-277-6995 and my cell is 504-473-9426. Please do this for me and my boyfriend. He has had a very hard life and me and THIS CAR is all he has and i believe that he really deserves this blessing so mtv please pimp his ride or even just take a look at it and i promise you’ll want to do it!! thanx Aubrey

06/30/05 @ 00:45
Comment from: netta moore
netta moore

hi my name is netta moore and i would love to be on your show my husband left me and my two childern for the gay life stile and is doing durgs im not looking for attion but i would love for you to pimp my ride so with that being said please pimp my ride oo and i love your show and i m in the middel of it right now so lov ya peace out love yal please pick me

06/30/05 @ 03:27
Comment from:

hey xzibit i watch your show all the time could you send me something on how to get on pimp my ride i have a freind who watches your show as well she would need your help with her car could you send me a form to show me how to get on pimp my ride ok your show is awsome especialy that honda civic you did you did up tangrean orange and candy blue it was so sweet ok done writing from tom

06/30/05 @ 03:48
netta moore

hi my name is netta moore and i love your show and sence my husband left us for the gay life stille and durgs your show has changed my out look on life and im not looking for attion but i would love to be on your show so please west coast costomes pimp my ride

06/30/05 @ 03:50
Comment from: Dave

my friend has a sweet old ride it’s a 1975 lincon continental it needs to be made “old school pimpin’” but hes stuck here in Canada and you only do the u.s.
hes a really hard worker who never does anything nice for himself just his friends so this friend decided to do something nice for him by trying to get his ride pimped by X-zibit and his homeys

06/30/05 @ 09:38
Comment from: harley

do you have to be younger than 22 and older than 18.

07/02/05 @ 05:13
Comment from: Alyssa

Do you have to saen 50$.

07/02/05 @ 05:17
Comment from: ALLEN DE LA CRUZ


07/04/05 @ 12:01
Comment from: james

you people are fools to even think your rides could be pimped.there probaly so raged out you look like a imbread hippy from west virgina.oh yeah and xibit aduck in a dress and high hills could sing better than you so all you wanksters pease out.
p.s suck it

07/07/05 @ 11:13
Comment from: tim richards
tim richards

i hade a cool truck at one time . i watch your show and wish that you would just repair my truck back to how it was before all this crap happened in my life. i have been employeed for 21 years same job. live in n,m all my live i have 2-g & 1-b i’m 41years old my truck is called lilvarmint.i’v been in lowrider magazine 4 time’s have about 26 trophys and it is a 1990 nissan hard body and it has upostery\stereo\rims\paint. but people don’t know how to do a good job i have not driven my truck for 3 year body shop charged my $900.00 bill’s for a paint job that look’s like cccrraapp one of my kid’s cuold of done a beeter job with cryons. i hope this get to X-ZIBIT and he will drop my a letter and tell me that you would be glad to help out a hard working man.CALL ME AT 505-870-4315 I’M WILLING TO BRING MY TRUCK TO YOU thank you for your time. MR X-ZIBIT

07/07/05 @ 11:23
Comment from: james

this sight must be old because nobody has wrote anything in a few days

07/09/05 @ 09:14
alana sherwood and dave sherwood

hi my name is alana and my dad is bying a granda codsworth i am 16 and he is keeping it for me for when i start driving but that will be ages so my dad will be having it. the car looks a real mess all the front is messed up the light keeps coming of all the paint is scratch of the inside is so messy and he is trying to do it up but you cant do anything with it becuase it is so horrible so please mtv pimp my and my dads car it is so imbarrising dryving through the village all people have such nice cars we live in cornwall in st neot so pleae prety please pimp are ride exibit please we are begging you this would be the best thing that would of ever happend to us please send a email soon saying yes the car is a tip and horribal its all rusty on some parts of the car please please from a big fan alana and her dad dave please mtv pimp are ride

07/11/05 @ 03:10
alana sherwood and dave sherwood

this car is so horrible everyone laphs at it if it is done up it would be such a nice and fast car it needs a full brand new paint job. it is supossed to be matalick black it just looks a pile of crap the rust looks horrible. everything keeps falling off if you seen a picture of it you would see why it needs to be pimped please mtv pimp the horrible ride send me an email its alanasherwood_86@hotmail.com or alanasherwood-86@hotmail.com please mtv its a mess pimp it and let it be the best car in my village thankyou so much

07/11/05 @ 03:19
kenneth cox

Comment from: kenneth cox [Visitor] · http://www.pimp my ride.com
hey sup man i have a 1978 ford f150 truck 4x4 and its a joke man no one can help this truck out even if u put it in a shop lmao it is rusted inside and out front and back u think u can help it do so i cant fine no one man its so bad it dont even say ford on the tuck its about ready for the dump yeard but it dose run how i dont know man like i said its a joke they would be laughing at this truck cause it would be the joke of the show they would have there job cut out for them but i would have to see it to beleave it if they try to fix it so this laugh is on me ok ty kenneth P.S if u can me and my tuck email me at lets_make_love_2002000400@hotmail.com this is my hotmail and msn my yahoo name is deadman_walking.enet u can add it the phone is 618-876-5451 ask for kenneth or you can try my cell phone at 618-401-5675 pls leave a voice mail and i will get back with

07/11/05 @ 06:59
Comment from: Roman

Dear Pimp My Ride,

I need you guys to pimp out my brother’s truck it has dents the paint chiped off and now it’s getting rusty were it is chipped off, the back window doesn’t lock so somebody could get in to it if they were small enough,o he also delivers pizza’s so let him deliver in style, and the gas meter works when it wants to. so please MTV Pimp My Brother’s Ride!!!

07/12/05 @ 10:15
Comment from: Spencer

im 13 and my dad has a car that keeps on falling apart hes trying to trade it in before its not worth anything i was woundering if you could pimp hes ride please

07/13/05 @ 06:13
Comment from: shorty

Hey y’all. I live in Australia and i would love 4 Xibit 2 PIMP MY RIDE!!! I own a broken down Volkswagon beetle but Xibit dosn’t go down under. WHAT A BUM!!!!!

07/13/05 @ 12:52
Comment from: silverso

For the last time:

If you are between the ages of 18-22, own your ride and live in the Southern California area, give us a holler at 310.907.2688 or send an email to pmrcasting @ mtvstaff.com.

If you do NOT live in Southern California please email pmrusa @ mtvstaff.com only.


Street Address, City, State, Zip
Phone #’s (Home, Cell)
Email Address
Description of what is wrong with your car (we are looking for body damage and interior damage)
Picture of the crappy car and its owner (Be it you or your friend)


07/14/05 @ 10:00
Avoiding life and teaching English in Noheji, Aomori, Japan


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