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I Will Play With a Railbus 2006

04/13/06 | by silverso | Categories: Links and Articles, Trains

Link: http://www.ogaemon.com/r-bus/2006iv.htm

You all had better book your flights and make your hotel reservations for Shichinohe town soon! May 5th is creeping up on us, and as I'm sure you're already aware that is the date of Shichinohe's big two-day railbus festival called "I Will Play With a Railbus 2006". I wrote before about my quest to find the old retired Noheji railbus a few times before, and thanks to the help of Avoidinglife.com reader and train-fan KS I may soon get my chance. Unlike 'Operation Bear Watch' which seems to be going nowhere, it appears that 'Operation Railbus Watch' may actually bear some fruit.

From what I can tell, Friday May 5th is for taking pictures of the rail bus while May 6th is for riding. For the price of 300 yen + some kind of membership fee, you can ride the rail bus about 850 metres and get a close up look how the driver shifts gears. Railbus related souvenirs are also for sale at the event. Good stuff!

Okay, I admit it. Maybe "I Will Play With a Railbus 2006" isn't the most exciting thing one can do over the Golden Week holiday, but at least it's something, which is more than nothing, which is what's going on around these parts most of the year.



Comment from: KS

Actually May 4th is for taking pictures
5-6th is for riding

04/13/06 @ 15:40
Comment from: KS

Also Kiha 102 (former JNR’s Kiha 20) demonstration run on 4th.

04/13/06 @ 15:50

No luck on Operation Bear Watch, eh? Well, if you still don’t see one, I’ll offer to take over your watching position for you. I was told by my new Japanese friend that apparently he’s seen some wandering nearby his apartment in the summer. Maybe having odds on my side will help. Plus, I just bought a camera too. I promise to send you pictures should I spot one.

Enjoy your railbus! It looks like due to having been too slow on my part the one Golden Week plan I’d had went up in smoke (attending the Arabaki Rock Fest with a former teacher friend).

04/14/06 @ 20:48
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