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In Japan geeky Gaijin character 'Mr James' loves McDonalds

08/22/09 | by silverso | Categories: McDonald's
A new McDonald's advertising there campaign centers on one Mr. James, a bespectacled idiot who tortures the Japanese language and is quite literally crazed for McDonald's burgers link I spent three years in Japan teaching people about North American cu… more »

Awesome Aomori Train Videos

12/12/07 | by silverso | Categories: Trains
I found a bunch of Aomori train related videos on You Tube that perhaps only I would find interesting. For what it's worth, here they are... This one apears to be some sort of low-budget music video featuring Aomori train station. I think it's called… more »

Train Cafe

12/08/07 | by silverso | Categories: Trains
Who needs Maid Cafes when there are train cafes? more »

Passion comes to Toronto!

05/30/07 | by silverso | Categories: Pro-Wrestling
Passion, the last of the Salseros, dances the Bomba with local Toronto indy wrestler Don Paysan at an awesome UWA vs. Toryumon event in Mississauga this past Saturday. Passion also faced Larry Sweeney in a dance-off on night one of the event. For mo… more »

Monkey Business

11/07/06 | by silverso | Categories: Deep Thoughts, Novelty Music
Many moons ago when I was a student at the University of Toronto I had a short lived morning radio show at the Erindale campus. It ended abruptly one day when co-host had a dispute with one of the managers at the station over some dumb fee DJs had to pa… more »

Goodbye Michipro

08/15/06 | by silverso | Categories: Videos, Photos, Pro-Wrestling
If YouTube is having trouble, or you want to save the movie then try this direct download link (Windows Media) For our last weekend in Aomori Kate and I decided to check out not one, but two wrestling shows! First we saw an All Japan show in the same… more »

A Journey to the Stars

08/07/06 | by silverso | Categories: Novelty Music, Pro-Wrestling, Trains
A little while ago I wrote about a bullet train themed pro-wrestler in Japan named Hayate. One reason I did this was because I liked the idea of using both my train and pro-wrestling blog categories for the same post. Well, when I was in Tokyo killing t… more »

What am I going to do with this thing?

07/28/06 | by silverso | Categories: Trains
About a year and a half ago I bought a small train set from Toys R Us in Aomori City. It seemed a little small so I bought some extra track for it. Then I thought that maybe it could use another train or two. Well things kind of snowballed from there wh… more »

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