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In Japan geeky Gaijin character 'Mr James' loves McDonalds

08/22/09 | by silverso | Categories: McDonald's

Link: http://consumerist.com/5340185/japanese-mcdonalds-campaign-makes-fun-of-white-people-foreigners

A new McDonald's advertising there campaign centers on one Mr. James, a bespectacled idiot who tortures the Japanese language and is quite literally crazed for McDonald's burgers


I spent three years in Japan teaching people about North American culture, and until now I wasn't really sure if I had left a lasting impression on anyone. All I can say now is that I've never been prouder. I only wish they had asked me, the real Mr. James, to do these ads instead of hiring this imposter.

Thanks Kate for the link. Here's another link for more info, and here's Debito's predictable response.

Note to Debito... Mr. James is not a stereotype.. he's real! I'm living proof. If you have a problem with Mr. James, then you have a problem with me buddy boy!


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Comment from: Essay

McDonnalds has perfect advertising compaign

04/20/10 @ 05:07
Avoiding life and teaching English in Noheji, Aomori, Japan


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