Turning Un-Japanese

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Link: http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/11182591/site/newsweek/

Just because I haven't posted any interesting articles in a while, here's a big long Newsweek article about how Japan and the West are becoming more and more like one another. Yeah I know, this topic's been done to death, but I thought this article does a pretty good job summarizing the whole "Is Japan losing its Japaneseness?" thing and might serve as a good read next time you're bored at work or need something to bring with you to Nihongo club. My two cents? Well if the Westernization of Japan leads to central heating and proper tasting Doritos then I'm all for it, so long as Koizumi keeps out all the riff-raff like me.

HG: The Book

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Link: http://www.zeroatthebone.com/2006/01/portrait-of-artist-as-young-man-in.html

For Christmas I sent my brother Andrew the marvelous new book by wrestler/comedian and now author Hard Gay. Andrew can't read Japanese, but as luck would have it HG's book is made up entirely of photos and can be easily understood in just about any culture. Sadly I neglected to scan it and share it with all of you before sending it off to Canada, but fortunately fellow Aomori blogger Mehan didn't.

Canadian Sotokomori

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Link: http://smt.blogs.com/mari_diary/2006/01/hikikomori_in_o.html

Today I read an interesting post on Watashi to Tokyo that I felt needed mentioning on Avoidinglife.com. It's about young Japanese "Hikikomori" who move to other countries in order to escape the presures of their own society. These "Sotokomori" take what money they have and live on the cheap in foreign countries where they can have complete privacy and focus most of their time on playing guitar, reading comic books, or whatever other hobbies they like to persue.

Of course I and many of my collegues in the JET Program are living proof that the same sort of phenomenon is quite common in the West as well. Before I left for Japan I was given a copy of the French movie Tanguy, where a 28 year old refuses to leave home much to the chagrin of his doting parents. In the end (and after many hijinx involving lawsuits and over the top slapstick humor) he moves to China and finds a good life for himself. The term "Sotokomori" seems to imply that this kind of life is somehow deviant and undesirable, but if you ask me it's a pretty good way to live! Of course my own happy little Sotokomori life will soon be torn away from me when I'm forcibly cast back into the real world come August 1st. The question is, when I do return will I be able to find a place for myself in Canadian society or will I lock myself in my old bed room at my parent's house and refuse to come out? Finding somewhere new to avoiding life just keeps sounding like a better option every day!

The Xbox 360 And Japanese Nationalism

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Link: http://www.4colorrebellion.com/archives/2006/01/03/the-xbox-360-and-japanese-nationalism/

So the fancy new Xbox 360 was launched here a month or so ago, and despite sell outs in America it has already become a colossal failure in Japan, much like the original Xbox. Many people think that the failure of both Xboxes to find a market in Japan is due to Japanese xenophobic attitudes toward foreign made products. This article argues that this is far from the case. If you don't feel like reading it, here's my summation: The Xbox 360 needs pachinko, train simulators and girl dating simulation games before anyone over here will buy one.

Pets or Meat?

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Korean street meat or just pets?

Since returning from my vacation to Vietnam, Cambodia and Korea with Kate I've been teaching only one lesson, over and over and over again entitled "Jamie and Kate's Excellent Adventure in Asia". The lesson was about as inspired as its title, but all my JTE's insisted on me doing it. It was actually interesting to see how some classes could find my vacation slideshow captivating while others couldn't possibly have looked more bored. One part of the show that usually perked up even the sleepiest of students was when I discussed the practice of eating dog meat. Many students were really shocked to learn that in Korea, Vietnam and other asian countries it's not too uncommon for people to eat dog. What surprised me was when one student admitted to the class that he had eaten dog meat himself. I thought at first that he might be joking, but he insisted he was serious and went on to describe the taste to everyone. Despite what Wikipedia would have you believe, I've since learned that apparently in nearby Rokkasho and Momoishi towns there are still quite a few dog meat lovers. Who knows, could the McInu-Filet be not too far off?

Noheji's rich pro-wrestling history

01/18/06 | by silverso | Categories: Pro-Wrestling

I saw a story on the news that appeared to be about a murder case in Noheji. I couldn't understand the story, so I tried Googling "Noheji" to see if I could find anything else out. Unfortunately I didn't find anything, but what I did discover by accident was much more interesting (to me at least). Seems that back in the 80's Noheji was quite the pro-wrestling town. Many legends of the squared circle have appeared here including Hulk Hogan and "Canada's Greatest Athlete" Iron Mike Sharpe! While I think that it's kind of neat that Hulk Hogan's been to Noheji, I really think it's incredible that Iron Mike set foot in my adoptive town. When I was a kid Iron Mike was my favorite "jobber" in the WWF. Jobber is wrestling jargon for a no-name wrestler who's job is to always lose to popular wrestlers. Most often jobbers are forgotten the instant their match ends, but with perhaps the exception of Barry O, there was no jobber more memorable than Iron Mike.

When I was a kid growing up every Sunday afternoon in my grandparent's basement I would sit and watch Iron Mike take on a big WWF star on Maple Leaf Wrestling and get totally destroyed. Mike didn't have much of a personality and wasn't very exciting but I really respected his tenacity. No matter how many times he lost, he always came back the next week and took another beating. I would have never guessed back then that when he wasn't getting beaten senseless in Toronto, Iron Mike was teaming with the Hulkster in Japan and actually winning matches. Their match on February 5th, 1984 would mark the first, but not last time a nobody from Toronto would come to Noheji and achieve instant stardom.

Nara Dreamland

01/12/06 | by silverso | Categories: Links and Articles

Link: http://www.themeparkreview.com/japan2004/nara1.htm

Apparently in Nara there's a rundown old theme park that is surprisingly familiar looking. While in Korea a few weeks ago Kate and I visited Lotte World, a mall/theme park which also seemed a little reminiscent of the Magic Kingdom. Lotte World however has got nothing on Nara Dreamland when it comes to ballsy and shameless theme park plagiarism. Just read this less than enthusiastic review or check out the park map at the official site and see for yourself what I mean. Sadly I probably will never get the chance to visit Dreamland as my time here in jolly old Japan will be coming to a close pretty soon. Amusement parks over here seem to be dying out at an increasing rate every year and sadly from the looks of it I doubt that I'll be back here in time to ride the "Screw Coaster" before it's gone. Themeparkreview.com also has a video tour of the park here, but just be warned that it contains some pretty annoying background music.

Here are some brochures from the 1960's when Dreamland was still new. It really gives you a good idea of just how great a knock-off this place was when it first opened:



Thailand also has a theme park called Dream World which has a lot in common with Disneyland, but doesn't follow Disney's blueprints quite as closely as Dreamland does.

There's a little more on the history of Dreamland and Tokyo Disneyland here. I'll post more interesting factoids as I learn them.

It looks like there was another Disneyland clone near Yokohama called Yokohama Dreamland, which sadly closed in 2002. It looks like it had quite a few Disney ride classics including its own Pirates of the Caribbean and Submarine Voyage. I have no idea what connection it has to Nara Dreamland if any (or if its the same park??)

Did I win? Did I win?

01/11/06 | by silverso | Categories: Deep Thoughts

There was a nice surprise waiting for me on my desk yesterday; an envelope containing 1 man, 500 yen in book money, a coupon for 2 beers and 2 lottery tickets. Apparently the numbers for the lottery have already been drawn, but I have no idea how to find out if I'm rich enough to quit this job and start my own Daiso franchise. Anyone out there know where I can look to find the winning numbers? The most I can win is 60 million yen, which is a far cry from Powerball or even Lotto 6-49, but it still would be a nice score to say the least. I get the impression that Japanese lotteries seldom if ever have jackpots over the 1 million dollar US mark. People in Japan love to gamble, perhaps more than anywhere else in the world, just so long as the stakes aren't too high I guess.

Bacon Tomato Big Mac

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Happy New Year gang! Well Kate and I are finally back from our fabulous vacation to Korea, Vietnam and Cambodia. I can't thank my wonderful cousin Katharine and her "husband" Andrew enough for everything they did for us. Thanks also should go to Andrew's parents for a Polish family Xmas-Eve dinner that included many Germanic Christmas traditions of my youth. Despite a few unfortunate health problems, Kate and I had a blast and things couldn't have gone better. I'm sure you're all just dying to see my photos, but for now I'll just give you a little taste: Korea's Bacon Tomato Big Mac!

This had to be the best thing I ate on the whole trip (Though it was nice to taste Burger King's Whopper again too). Say what you will about the supposed unhealthiness of McDonald's food, but at least you can be pretty confident when eating it that you won't get Cholera. That's something I've learned you can't really say about Vietnamese or Cambodian cuisine. I'm not sure what disease it was that I caught on my visit to the tropics, but it wasn't until after a few more Big Mac injections upon my return to Japan that my digestive process finally returned to normal. Anyway, I'll put my photos up soon but for now I suggest checking out Katharine and Andrew's blog for a preview of what I've been up to these past three weeks, including a New Year's Eve encounter with my "twin".

See ya in '06

12/17/05 | by silverso | Categories: Deep Thoughts

Dear Santa,

I've been a very good boy this year, and I only want one present. Please give me a good idea as to how I can continue avoiding life next year. My job in Japan will be over in August and I've grown so accustomed to living the life of Rilley that I don't think I will be able to survive if tossed back into the real world. I know it's kind of an unusual request, but I figure that after doing chartity work for hundreds of years you probably have lots of good connections. Santa, please hook me up! Thanks and Merry Christmas.

All the best,

This coming Monday I'm heading off with Kate to Korea, and then to Vietnam and Cambodia for Christmas vacation with my lovely cousin Katharine and her boyfriend Andrew in Saigon. Assuming I survive all the plane flights and avoid the bird flu my next post likely won't be until January 6th at the earliest. I'd also like to mention that Sunday is my good old buddyHugh's 30th birthday. Welcome to the Misoji club Hugh. Anyway, Merry Christmas to y'all, and best of luck in '06!

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